LifeTec are the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand for the leading

manufacturer of Rescue Training Dummies and Manikins in Europe for more than 30

years - Ruth Lee Ltd.

Realistic, engaging, challenging & fun training.

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The Key benefits of our dummies are: Anatomically correct weighting simulates a real casualty. Use where it is not possbile or safe for a ‘volunteer’. Uncannily realistic life-like soft feel. Specific models designed for different rescue scenarios. No hard limb-joints means no pinch welts for trainees. Designed to withstand heavy concrete slabs, steel girders or a car laid on them for realistic and fun rescue training. Very durable construction will provide years of use
Used in Australasia by the Navy, Army, RAAF, Fire services, SES, RFS, Surf Life Saving, Power Utilities, Mining & Resources, Training companies, Ambulance, Hospitals  - and Emergency Services Worldwide. Our rescue training dummies, (sometimes referred to as Manikins,) are not only perfect for simulating rescues from fire, height, confined spaces, static and flowing water or extrication from vehicles or collapsed buildings but also for manual handing in hospitals and Ambulance Services - the limit is your imagination. 
This short video will give you a few example of where our dummies really excel. Note that the dummies used in this video are now superceded and improved.
Rescue Training Dummies and Manikins
This rescue training dummy range has evolved after years of research and product development, to offer an exceptionally durable rescue dummy that can safely be used in situations too hazardous or uncomfortable for human volunteers - and at a reasonable cost.